Rubber Mouldings, Rubber Extrusions & Rubber Washers Manufacturers

At W Mannerings (London) Ltd we are manufacturers of rubber and plastic products including rubber mouldings, rubber extrusions, rubber washers. Our range of products are designed to meet the demanding needs of the Industrial, Electrical, Engineering, Hardware, Medical, Furniture & allied trades.

We have over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing rubber moulding products and we stock a vast number of these products in house at our facility in Catford, South London. We can supply our customers either in low numbers or in bulk depending on your requirements.

Our products range also includes rubber and plastic gaskets, matting, sheeting, strips and these products can be manufactured in a number of different polymers including Neoprene, Silicone and EPDM to name just a few. Our products are manufactured to a tange of standard sizes and colours or can be custom manufactured to yiur exaxt requirements depending on your project needs.

For more information about the types of products we manufacture, please see below.

Rubber Mouldings:

At W Mannerings our best selling products are our rubber mouldings which we manufacture both in standard sizes and colour sets, and also custom made to suit the specific application you require. The types of mouldings we make are almost endless in their combinations of applications and configurations. The polymers we manufacture include: Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Butyl, EPDM & Viton etc.

For more details on our rubber mouldings, some ideas on the different applications and for images of the products, please click on the links below.

rubber mouldings

Rubber/Plastic Extrusions:

We manufacture a wide range of plastic and rubber extrusions made from a variety of materials for use in a number of applications and industries. Polymers include: Natural, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone, Butyl, Viton, Polyurethane, Polystyrene, Nylon & PVC etc. Extrusions come in a wide variety of standard sizes, but we can also custom manufacture rubber extrusoons to your exact measurements and requirement. We can also manufacture most products in a wide range of colours to suit almost any application.

For more information about the extrusions we manufacture and images of the different types, please click on the links below.

rubber mouldings

Both solid & sponge sections are available, special sections made to your exact requirements.

Plastic Mouldings:

Plastic mouldings are manufactured for a variety of applications similar in style to those used above. We mnufacture a wide range of styles, sizes and colours, and of course we can design a moulding custom made to your exact specifications. Polymers we use include: PVC, low & high density polythene, nylon, acetal, polyurethane etc.

Click below for more information on our ranges of plastic mouldings and how our customers use these for a variety of different applications.

Dust Caps / Tips / Dip Moulding etc. Most itesm can be supplied in a range of colour options.

rubber mouldings

Sheeting, Gaskets, Washers and Seals:

We offer a vast range of plsstic and rubber washers, sheeting, gaskets and seals. All our products are non-metallic materials and are available in rolls, sheets, strip or washers and manufactured with a self-adhesive backing if required.

Materials used together with images and examples of their application can be found by clicking the following links:

rubber mouldings

Pimpled & Textured Rubber / Plastic Sheeting & Bed Sheeting / P.T.F.E. / Polythene / Polyurethane / PVC / CNAF / Fibre / felt.

Products include:
Diaphragms, Lathe cut rings, washers, Trepanned rings & Discs, leather cup seals, coupling bushes (metal lined if required), Tico pads, Butyl pond liners, O rings & Tap/plumbing washers of all types.

Matting & Flooring:

Anti-Fatigue Matting / Entrance Matting / Bath & Shower Matting / Saftety Matting / Door Matting / Dart Board Matting / Playground & Artificial Grass Matting / Desk Matting etc.

Most items can be supplied in a range of colours options.

matting and flooring

Other Products / Services:

Custom Mouldings & Extrusions, Precision moulded parts.

other products and services

Bonding rubber to metal, Fabricated parts, Rollers & roller covering, Precision Balls in Rubber / Nylon / Teflon / Acrylic / Delrin / Plastic / PVC / Viton & Polyurethane.

Engineering Plastics: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Acetal, Nylon, P.T.F.E. & PVC in Rod & Sheet, also nylon studding, bolts, nuts & screws etc.

Hoses: Air / Steam / Water / Propane Gas / Welding / Garden / Food Quality / Radiator & Fire Hose etc. Jubilee Brand Hose Clips & Hose Fittings in Brass / Nylon & Stainless Steel also Hozelock range of hoses & fittings.

Protective Ware: Aprons / Gloves / Gauntlets for Acid, Industrial, Electrical, Disposable / Surgical & Household etc. other items include masks, hear & eye protection.

Hardware: Buckets / Force Cups / Sink Plugs / Coopers Plungers / Squeegees etc. Cord Rings Moulded & Splice Jointed / Rubber Bands / Rubber Headed Mallets Draught Strip / Excluder/Glazing Strip / Anti-Vibration Mountings. Cable ties, cable mounts and cable management products.