Specialist Rubber and Plastics Products

Established for over 100 years Mannerings are manufacturers/ Stockists of a wide Range of Rubber & Plastic Products: Mouldings, Extrusions, Tubing, O Rings, Gaskets, Washers, Fabrications, Ferrules, Door Stops, Buffers, Grommets, Channel Strip and hoses etc. These are supplied to many industries electrical engineering, Domestic Appliance. Aerospace, Defence, Furniture, Food, Medical, Health Care, Theatrical & Allied Trades.

Some of our more specialist items include:

High temperature  silicone/EPDM caps/tapered Bungs/ Tube etc for masking products ideal masking holes, studs & threads etc, full range of sizes available Rubber crutch tips/Ferrules for stilt walkers.

Rubber neoprene, silicone tubing (tracker bar tube etc) For Pianola’s (player pianos’s)

A range of rubber products used in car parks to prevent damage to parked cars, i.e.  sponge rubber, EPDM, neoprene sheeting, rubber angle/corner bumper strip, rubber fender/bumper strip.

Rubber Extrusions

We are capable of extruding in solid hollow or sponge sections, in a wide range of compounds, both natural & Synthetic Rubber Polymers ie Silicone EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). Neoprene (chloroprene), Viton (flurocarbon) Nitrile (acrylonitrate butadiene), Hypalon (chloro-sulphonated Polyethylene), Butyl (isobutylene-Isoprene) and Polyurethane etc, we offer a range of standard extrusions in tube, cord, square, rectangular, channel sections, ‘H’ and ‘T’, Angle & Fender-strip etc. Custom Extrusions can be supplied to your exact requirements if we do not have existing tooling, this is relatively inexpensive, items can also be cut to length. We have a range of standard colours but can colour match if required.

Rubber Moulding

We have moulds for many standard parts, i.e. grommets (including NATO Grommet) O Rings, Door stops, Toilet/Seat Buffers, Chair Ferrules, Washer, Mushroom Buffers, Walking Stick Crutch pads, Sink Plugs, Feet, Window/Door Wedges, Tube End Fittings, Bungs, Balls, Caps, Plugs, Hand Grips, Shrouds, Suckers, Seals & dust caps, Rubber to Metal bonding etc. Custom Mouldings can be made to your exact specifications together with assistance in design etc, we offer a range of Natural & synthetic Rubber Compounds, IE Silicone, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Neoprene (Chloroprene), Viton (flurocarbon) Nitrile (acrylonitrile Butadiene) hypalon (chloro- sulphonated polyethylene) Butyl, (Isobutylene- Isoprene) and Polyurethane etc, we have a standard range of colours but can colour match if required.

Rubber Fabrications

We convert solid and sponge/foam rubber & associated material into pads, sheets & strips of almost any shape or size, matting can be supplied in many patterns including ribbed, fluted and various other patterns, we produce cut gaskets/ washers/ bushes from most non-metallic materials, these can all be supplied plain or with self adhesive backing, other techniques include hole punching, stamping, laminating, laser & water cutting, assembly etc, other materials include Fibre, cork, nylon, leather & felt etc.


Many types for air, water, steam, hot water, automotive, oil & multi-purpose, hydraulic, marine chemical, food quality, materials handling, animal feed, garden, radiator, welding, propane, fire reel & lay flat etc, we also offer full range of hose fittings & jubilee Clips Etc.