With over 100 years experience Mannerings are manufacturers/stockists of a wide range of Rubber & Plastic products: mouldings, extrusions, gaskets, matting, sheeting & strip etc in high/low volumes to the Industrial, Electrical, Engineering, Hardware, Medical, Furniture & allied trades.

Rubber Mouldings:

Polymers include: Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Butyl, EPDM, & Viton etc.

rubber mouldings

Rubber/Plastic Extrusions:

Polymers include: Natural, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone, Butyl, Viton, Polyurethane, Polystyrene,. Nylon & PVC etc.

rubber mouldings

Both solid & sponge sections are available, special sections made to your exact requirements.

Plastic Mouldings:

Polymers include: PVC, low & high density polythene, nylon, acetal, polyurethane etc.

Dust Caps / Tips / Dip Moulding etc. Most itesm can be supplied in a range of colour options.

rubber mouldings

Sheeting, Gaskets, Washers and Seals:

We offer a vast range of all non-metallic materials, these are available in rolls, sheets, strip & washer from with self-adhesive backing if required. Materials include:

rubber mouldings

Pimpled & Textured Rubber / Plastic Sheeting & Bed Sheeting / P.T.F.E. / Polythene / Polyurethane / PVC / CNAF / Fibre / felt.

Products include:
Diaphragms, Lathe cut rings, washers, Trepanned rings & Discs, leather cup seals, coupling bushes (metal lined if required), Tico pads, Butyl pond liners, O rings & Tap/plumbing washers of all types.

Matting & Flooring:

Anti-Fatigue Matting / Entrance Matting / Bath & Shower Matting / Saftety Matting / Door Matting / Dart Board Matting / Playground & Artificial Grass Matting / Desk Matting etc.

Most items can be supplied in a range of colours options.

matting and flooring

Other Products / Services:

Custom Mouldings & Extrusions, Precision moulded parts.

other products and services

Bonding rubber to metal, Fabricated parts, Rollers & roller covering, Precision Balls in Rubber / Nylon / Teflon / Acrylic / Delrin / Plastic / PVC / Viton & Polyurethane.

Engineering Plastics: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Acetal, Nylon, P.T.F.E. & PVC in Rod & Sheet, also nylon studding, bolts, nuts & screws etc.

Hoses: Air / Steam / Water / Propane Gas / Welding / Garden / Food Quality / Radiator & Fire Hose etc. Jubilee Brand Hose Clips & Hose Fittings in Brass / Nylon & Stainless Steel also Hozelock range of hoses & fittings.

Protective Ware: Aprons / Gloves / Gauntlets for Acid, Industrial, Electrical, Disposable / Surgical & Household etc. other items include masks, hear & eye protection.

Hardware: Buckets / Force Cups / Sink Plugs / Coopers Plungers / Squeegees etc. Cord Rings Moulded & Splice Jointed / Rubber Bands / Rubber Headed Mallets Draught Strip / Excluder/Glazing Strip / Anti-Vibration Mountings. Cable ties, cable mounts and cable management products.